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  • The Pros & Cons of Cardio Vs. Intervals

      When most people think of cardio they begrudgingly picture themselves logging hours on the treadmill or stationary bike. Rarely does cardio produce excitement or passion. ...
  • What’s The Best Time To Train?

      You know instinctively that the best time to train is whenever you feel most energetic and can fit it into your schedule. Individual differences regarding the best time of...
  • The Case Against the Hip Thrust

      In the bodybuilding and strength-coaching communities, every few years someone comes up with an exercise that will supposedly revolutionize training. In the 1970s Arthur J...
  • Knees Past the Toes – Seriously?

      One of the challenges in the fitness community is dispelling the numerous myths that have persisted over many years. “Squats are bad for your knees.” “Deadlifts can damage...


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