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Ten Reasons To Drink Lemon Water in The Morning
7/1/2015 8:29:34 AM
Lemon water is all the rage right now. The good news is that although lemon water is not going to save you from bad habits, there ARE many worthwhile benefits to drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice. 
This article will give you the run down, telling what you can (and can’t) get from lemons and the related powerhouse fruits, lime and grapefruit. 
Benefit #1: Improve Digestion & Gut Health
Warm lemon water may be best known for stimulating digestion and “detoxification” first thing in the morning.  The simple fact that lemon water is warm and hydrating is the real reason it stimulates the gut and gets things moving—you can get the same benefit from warm coffee, tea, or plain water. 
There are two unique benefits of lemon water for gut function: Lemons provide a nice dose of indigestible fiber as well as the compound D-limonene, which has been shown to increase liver enzymes so that body is better able to metabolize and eliminate waste products. 
Benefit #2: Reduce Calorie Intake
One claim that has been disputed is that lemon water can improve metabolism and fight obesity. Theoretically, it can, but these things often don’t play out very well in real life. 
Lemons contain the fiber pectin, which has been found to inhibit the absorption of the enzyme pancreatic lipase. Dietary fat is not directly absorbed into the body unless it interacts with lipase, making irrelevant any calories you eat from fat at the same time. 
In addition, the citric acid and other compounds that lemons provide are known to drive thermogenesis and increase the amount of calories the body burns. Of course, the increase in metabolic rate is small and can be easily eradicated with an extra snack or a few extra bites at a meal. 
Therefore, if losing body fat is a goal, a few things are recommended in addition to drinking lemon water: 
•    Be mindful of portions and calories.
•    Drink a glass of lemon water before every meal—the water will take up room in the stomach and may reduce how many calories you eat. 
•    Avoid putting sugar or other sweeteners in your lemon water.
Benefit #3: Boost Immune Function 
Lemons contain saponins that have antiviral properties that help keep colds and flus away. In addition, all citrus fruits provide a rich source of bioavailable vitamin C—a nutrient with super immune boosting effects due to the fact that it is an efficient scavenger of reactive oxygen species that damage DNA and tissue. 
Benefit #4: Reduce Inflammation
Lemons are jam packed with a variety of antioxidants, including vitamin C, hesperidin, and quercetin that will fight inflammation and lower disease risk. In one review of the health promoting properties of lemons, scientists write that the antioxidant action from vitamin C is greater than that of vitamin E or beta-carotene, which may be the reason it provides vascular protection and can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. 
Benefit #5: Provide Bioavailable Nutrients
Besides being abundant in antioxidants, lemons provide a number of easily absorbed nutrients that the body needs for peak function: magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, selenium, copper, and zinc. In addition, vitamin C improves the body’s ability to absorb iron—an incredibly important, but notoriously difficult, nutrient for the body to assimilate.  
Benefit #6: Increase Hydration
Pretty much everyone knows that drinking water increases hydration and lemon water is no exception. The fact that lemons provide key electrolytes like potassium and magnesium may improve cellular hydration more than drinking plain water 
Benefit #7: Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels
The antioxidants eriocitrin and hesperidin in lemons have been found to reduce triacylglycerol concentration—the level of fat that is in the blood, which is associated with heart disease. In addition, the essential oils in lemons prevent LDL oxidation. When LDL cholesterol is oxidized it leads to plaque formation in the arteries. 
Benefit #8: Better Insulin Sensitivity 
Increasing fiber intake is a simple way to improve insulin sensitivity. In one review of the health benefits of lemons, scientists write that the fiber provided in lemons slows the speed with which food enters the digestive tract, slowing the release of glucose into the blood. This prevents a surge in blood glucose levels, and reduces levels of fat in the blood. The result is an increase in insulin health and better blood sugar management. 
Benefit #9: Reduce Fatigue 
Beverages containing lemon water are useful for combatting fatigue. The antioxidants and the citric acid in lemons and other citrus fruits treat exhaustion by decreasing oxidative stress, which is thought to underlie fatigue. 
Benefit #10: A Lovely Morning Ritual
Drinking warm lemon water in the morning comes from the ancient Indian Ayurveda tradition and provides a peaceful practice for starting the day. It’s the perfect time to set intentions or simply spend a few moments being mindful and paying attention to your breath before things get a little crazy.
How To’s & Precautions
No need to get fancy—just squeeze a half a lemon or so into a glass of warm water and enjoy. Avoid consuming the seeds but don’t be shy about using the lemon peel and the white fibrous stuff that surrounds the lemon fruit in your cooking. It’s packed with fiber and nutrients, and the essential oils in the rind can give your favorite meal a kick. 
Lemons are very acidic, which can soften tooth enamel. Avoid swishing lemon water around your teeth like mouthwash, and don’t brush your teeth right after drinking it. Wash your mouth with fresh water before brushing and use a soft-bristled toothbrush for best results. 
Lemons are very acidic, which can soften tooth enamel. Avoid swishing lemon water around your teeth like mouthwash, and don’t brush your teeth right after drinking it. Wash your mouth with fresh water before brushing and use a soft-bristled toothbrush for best results. 
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