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Tip 28: Arm finishers.

Thursday, February 10, 2011 9:13 AM
Arm finishers are exercises done at the end of an arm routine to thoroughly exhaust any fiber left in the upper arms. These exercises increase IGF-1 output which locks in greater hypertrophy gains. Also they provide so fun into your training, especially if you have a great training partner.

Here are two samples for elbow flexors:

1.    90 degree angle for time chin-ups. Use a supinated close grip. Pull up to 90 degrees of elbow flexors, stay there for as long as possible. You want to stay there for 30 seconds. If you are superhuman you may want an additional load. For more incentive to stay at the right angle, you don’t need to use the tip of a samurai sword under your genitals like the sadists in An Officer and a Gentleman. A friendly bet for who pays for breakfast will do.

2. Time close grip pull-ups.
If you are brachialis in the size of a concord grape, and you want to be size of Fuji apple, do these. Use a 10-15 cm pronated grip. Do a single pull-up for time, the goal being 30 seconds for the concentric contraction, and 30 seconds for the eccentric contraction. If you can do it, you can use additional loads.

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