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Three Efficient Ways to Put 5 Pounds On in Record Time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:11 AM
Muscle growth is not a linear process. Give each one of those strategies at least a fair three weeks to show their effects.

1.    Do a calves & forearms workout only, once every 5 days.

I suggest you specialize just on calves and forearms for a single hours. Keep rest intervals short. You should knock 18 sets of calves and 18 sets of forearms during that time. Do one set of calves, one set of forearms. Crank the density up.

2.    Deadlift twice the same day.

Do long range deadlifts in the morning and short range deadlifts in the evening. For example, snatch deadlift on a podium and deadlifts from the blocks in the evening.

3.    Train legs 3 times on Saturdays.
Workout 1:  9 AM
Neural Drive
A-1 Front Squats 10 x 3 on 30X0 tempo, rest 2 minutes
A-2 Lying Leg Curls Feet Inward 10 x 3 on 40X0 tempo, rest 2 minutes

Workout 2: 1 PM
Tear some for more fibers up
A-1 Back  Squats with Chains 5 x 4-6 on 50X0 tempo, rest 2 minutes
A-2 Eccentric Lying Leg Curls Feet Neutral 5 x 4-6 on 40X0 tempo, rest 2 minutes
You will need a training partner to assist through concentric range

Workout 3: 5 PM
Bust the envelope
A-1 Leg press with feet high on plate 3 x 15-20 on 20X0 tempo, rest 30 seconds
A-2 Lying Leg Curls Feet Outward 3 x 6-8 on 40X0 tempo, rest 30 seconds
A-3 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 3 x 10-12 per leg on 20X0 tempo, rest 30 seconds
A-4 Leg press with feet externally rotated at 45 degrees, heels 4-6 inches apart 3 x 15-20 on 20X0 tempo, rest 30 seconds
A-5 Medium box step ups 3 x 10-12 per leg on 10X0 tempo, rest 30 seconds
A-6 Jump Squats with barbell 3 x 10-12  on X0X0 tempo, rest 30 seconds, use no more than 25% of bodyweight for load, go for height.

Make sure to take Yin stack with each last meals, otherwise you won’t sleep and you will experience severe cramps. For more info.

Try those and let us how it worked for you.

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