Poliquin Live

Holy Basil

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 5:25 PM

Holy Basil is probably the best herb for people who feel mentally fatigued early in the morning. Besides being superb at restoring neurotransmitter levels, this herb also known as Tulsi will normalize levels of thyroid, androgens and cortisol levels.

Because it is so effective at restoring neurotransmitters, one must titrate the dosage very slowly when you start. Make sure it is a day off from training, and preferably off from work. When you start Holy Basil, it is quite common to feel more tired or dizzy from it.

Start with one, I repeat one, uno, eins, une tablet at breakfast on a day off from work. You may feel weird for one day up to five days, then increase to one more at lunch. The most you will ever need is two at breakfast and at lunch.




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