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Meet the Team: 20 Strong and Growing

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 6:08 AM
 At Poliquin, we have a 20-person team responsible for bringing you excellence everyday.  Today, we would like to take a moment to thank two of those people, Kim Goss and Laanna Carrasco.  Kim and Laanna work tirelessly to help bring you the most recent, ground breaking research.  Their commitment to research and editing has made them the unsung heroes in each of the articles and tips we bring to you everyday.  If you have not visited Poliquin Strength Institute, we’d like you to meet Kim and Laanna:
Kim Goss, MS
After serving four years in the Air Force, Kim has spent the past 27 years as a strength coach or magazine and book editor.  For the last seven years Kim has been the editor-in-chief of Bigger, Faster, Stronger, a national print magazine to help educate young athletes.  Although he has worked with Charles for 20 years, Kim has been a full-time editor and researcher with Poliquin since 2009.  
Kim is a PICP Level 5 Coach and spent seven years as the Strength Coach of the Air Force Academy.  He has designed conditioning programs for numerous athletes who have competed in the Olympic Games, has written over 600 articles and edited 25 books.
Laanna Carrasco, MA
Laanna has been a researcher and editor on the Poliquin team since May 2011.  She has a MA in Journalism from University of Colorado, but she credits her foundation in research with her BA in History.  She was a writer for a fitness magazine called Active Cities.
She enjoys researching because she can learn something new everyday.  Laanna enjoys researching for the Poliquin Community because questions and topics motivate her to find the answers to help people not only learn, but achieve better results, to be the best.
Kim and Laanna, thank you for your dedication to bringing readers in the Poliquin Community the most cutting edge research and information!

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